IDEXX Products & Services


Small Animal Health


Diagnostic technology and services to help you practice better medicine and grow your practice.

In-house Diagnostics | Reference Laboratories | Education (U.S.)

Manage more cases simply and efficiently with greater throughput, flexibility and faster results.


Equine Health


Advance care with diagnostics exclusively for the equine practitioner.

In-house Diagnostics (U.S.) | Reference Laboratories (U.S.)

Access, share and synchronize radiograph images and corresponding data from any practice computer.


Livestock/Poultry Testing


Diagnostic tools and services to help you make more confident herd and flock health decisions.

Ruminant | Equine | Poultry | Swine | Software

Reduce risk and increase production with comprehensive testing for bovine viral diarrhea virus.


Dairy Testing


Reduce the risk of antibiotic drug-residue contamination.

SNAP Testing | Dairy Residue Training

Detect five of the six beta-lactam drugs at or below the FDA required safe/tolerance levels.


Water Microbiology


Innovative solutions for easy, rapid, accurate and cost-effective water testing.

Coliforms/E.Coli | Enterococci | Cryptosporidium/Giardia

Heterotrophic Plate Count | Chlorine

The world’s preferred choice for the detection of coliforms and E. coli in water.


OPTI Medical Systems


Developer and supplier of blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite modules and consumables for IDEXX in-house analyzers.