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Proven testing solutions for all types of water

The comprehensive suite of water-testing products, services, and support from IDEXX water microbiology is backed by experts, so you can know for sure that the water matrices you analyse most often meet compliance and non-compliance standards.

With approvals in more than 40 countries and customer service, technical support, and sales teams serving customers in more than 120 countries, IDEXX is always within reach.

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Drinking Water
Protecting a fundamental resource

IDEXX has worked to help people around the world monitor and maintain water quality simply and cost effectively. Our tests, equipment, supplies, and people have been instrumental in responding to natural disasters and educational efforts to eradicate water-borne diseases.

Learn more about IDEXX drinking water testing solutions.

Easy, cost-effective solutions for compliance testing

IDEXX coliform, E. coli and enterococci tests are easy and cost effective, facilitating compliance testing for wastewater discharge.

Learn more about IDEXX wastewater testing solutions.

On-Premise Water
Meeting monitoring requirements with simple, accurate tests

Large facilities and other institutions with complex systems or multiple water sources face special challenges when it comes to water safety. IDEXX provides easy-to-use water tests that are the fastest and most accurate tests for minimising the risk of compromised public health.

Learn more about IDEXX On-Premise water testing solutions.

Additional Testing
Easy, cost-effective solutions for compliance testing

Whatever your local, regional, or national requirements, IDEXX has a testing solution that can help ensure quality and safety. Rapid, accurate results allow businesses to act quickly and definitively before positive results can have a negative impact.

Learn more about additional testing products and services.

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