IDEXX Laboratories Limited 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report


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At IDEXX, our employees and unique culture enable us to achieve Our Purpose. Through diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, we ensure our global workplaces are dynamic, supportive of all our employees, and representative of our customers and communities. Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential drivers of our innovation and success. We believe that a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but also enhances our entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit. 

IDEXX is an equal opportunity employer and we seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. 

IDEXX has one subsidiary in the UK that meets the government reporting requirements of the gender pay gap regulations under the Equality Act 2010:  IDEXX Laboratories Limited (“IDEXX UK”), which is based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.  This report reflects data from IDEXX UK only and the data is as of 5 April 2020.  

Pay Equity

IDEXX has numerous processes and practices in place globally that are designed to promote fair and consistent compensation and are administered in a manner to support pay equity.  Our global pay processes and practices are intended to prevent identified, unexplained pay disparities based on gender for our global employees and we are confident that they are effective in doing so.

Gender Pay Gap versus Equal Pay

At IDEXX, our pay practices are fair and objective. However, UK legislation requires us to calculate our gender pay gap, which is an organisation-wide measurement of the average pay of men compared to the average pay of women.  The existence and size of any gap will therefore depend on the distribution of men and women throughout the company and the types of roles they occupy.

IDEXX UK Gender Pay Report

Our Gender Statistics

Below, we provide the IDEXX UK mean and median pay and bonus gaps, the distribution of males and females across the four quartiles and the proportion of males and females who receive a bonus in accordance with the requirements of the gender pay gap regulations.

Basic Pay Gap

The Mean Hourly Pay for women is 20.1% lower than for men while the Median Hourly Pay for women is 20.7% lower. In other words, women earn 80p for every £1 that men earn at both the mean and median hourly pay rate.

The gender pay gap above reflects the higher proportions of women in the lower pay quartiles with a low percentage of men in the lower quartiles.

Workforce Proportions by Pay Quartile

Lower quartile
Lower middle quartile
Upper middle quartile
Upper quartile

This illustrates the gender distribution of the 297 employees across four equally sized quartiles. The distribution of Men and Women is 29.7% Men/70.3% Women for the Lower Quartile, 25.7% Men/74.3% Women for the Lower Middle Quartile, 29.7% Men/70.3% Women for the Upper Middle Quartile and 45.9% Men/54.7% Women for the Upper Quartile.

Bonus Pay Gap

The mean bonus gap includes commission and equity awards, which are not widely distributed to our broader employee population. The mean bonus pay for women is 34.2% lower than for men, while the median bonus pay for women is 51.1% lower. 

Workforce Proportions Receiving Bonuses

The IDEXX UK workforce is comprised of 32.2% of Men and 67.8% of Women. During the reporting period, bonuses were received by 95.9.0% of Men and 93.2% of Women.

Martin Sutherland
Country Manager UK & Ireland, Companion Animal Group

David Fox
Northern European Region Manager, Labs

We confirm that the information is accurate and has been calculated in line with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017).