Webinar: C-reactive protein and other acute phase proteins in small animal practice. What is the evidence?

Watch our free of charge webinar on Acute Phase Proteins in Small Animal Canine Practice, presented by Dr. Lise Nikolic Nielsen. This webinar aims to discuss the pathophysiological origin of acute phase proteins and their attachment to other inflammatory markers. We’ll focus on the evidence from literature and clinical case studies where CRP, and other major acute phase proteins, have been proven (or not proven) of worth in dogs.

Duration: 60 min



Discussion topics

  • The role and functioning of acute phase proteins in the innate immune system  
  • A specific focus on CRP – its molecular characteristics and why it is useful in dogs  
  • A presentation of the literature and several clinical case studies on the application of CRP, and other major acute phase proteins, in clinical practice  
  • A shortcoming of acute phase proteins and the importance of further diagnostic actions  
  • The benefits and shortcomings of implementing acute phase proteins in clinical practice