Webinar: Increased SDMA - Now what?

Presented by Dr. Graham Swinney BVSc FANZCVS (Canine Medicine)

This webinar will review SDMA as a biomarker of GFR and the differentials that cause an increase in SDMA. Graham will address how SDMA can add value to your existing diagnostic workup for renal disease. Learn how to interpret a mildly increased SDMA, particularly when creatinine concentration is within normal limits.

Duration: 1 hour



Discussion points:

  • Get deeper insights into kidney health/ function
  • Effect of pre-& post renal diseases on GFR and SDMA
  • Elevated SDMA? What to do, and what not to do?
  • If SDMA is great, why still creatinine?
  • Case based examples of the utility of SDMA in various biochemistry profiles