Webinar: Reticulocyte count: Why they are more important than just classifying anemia 

Watch our free of charge webinar presented by Dr. Dennis DeNicola on the ways reticulocyte count is estimated. In this webinar, we will review how the absolute reticulocyte count measures bone marrow response to demand for red blood cells. The quantity and quality of the reticulocyte provides insight into relatively common diseases with or without anemia. Case material will be used as a foundation for discussion on why reticulocyte count.

Duration: 60 min



Learning objectives

  • To understand the different ways in which reticulocyte counts can be estimated and their limitations  
  • To understand why the reticulocyte count is critical for differentiating regenerative from nonregenerative anemia  
  • To understand that there is high value of having a reticulocyte count when there is no anemia  
  • To understand how to use reticulocyte indices, particularly reticulocyte hemoglobin content (RETIC-HGB) as a sensitive and specific measure of iron availability for normal RBC production