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NEW! IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS mobile app for the iPhone® provides instant alerts for up-to-the-minute results information, anytime, any place.

IDEXX introduces the IDEXX Angio Detect™ Test, a pet-side blood test that is specific for the detection of Angiostrongylus vasorum infection.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories, Wetherby has successfully completed the transition from ISO 17025:2000 to ISO 17025:2005 (140 KB)

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IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS—Veterinary practices can now view a patient's entire IDEXX diagnostic laboratory history on one screen.

SNAP® fPL™ Test—Accurately measure feline pancreas-specific lipase in just 10 minutes.

Catalyst Dx Analyser—Revolutionary speed, throughput and flexibility put results in your hands quickly

Cardiopet® proBNP Test—A simple blood draw is all you need for quantitative analysis of your feline and canine patients’ cardiac health


Enterolert®-DW—Accurately detects enterococci in drinking water in 24 hours

Dairy SNAP® Tests—The risk of dumping milk is real. Reduce it with reliable SNAP test kits.

BVDV Tests—Diagnostic solutions to support a BVDV-free herd