SNAP Foal IgG Test

Test and treat foals in a single visit

SNAP Foal IgG test gives fast, accurate results in just minutes—enabling you to detect low levels of IgG and begin life-saving treatment immediately.

Quick and Accurate Detection of Neonate IgG Levels is Critical.

  • Low levels of IgG can lead to bacterial infections, arthritis, pneumonia and enteritis.
  • Up to 25% of foals may have low levels of IgG.1
  • Foals have only 24 hours after birth to absorb immunoglobulins from the colostrum.
  • Delayed test results necessitate costly intravenous delivery of immunoglobulins.
  • If left untreated, defenseless foals may die.

The Convenience of SNAP Foal IgG Test

  • Foal-side testing
  • Effective with serum or whole blood
  • Zero lab work
  • Single patient visit
  • Test Results in 7 minutes
  • Accurate, easy-to-interpret results
  • Treatment can begin immediately

Results in 7 minutes

Step 1

Dilute sample. Mix thoroughly and dispose of first 5–10 drops from the bottle.

Step 2

Apply one drop of sample over sample spot.

Step 3

Pour conjugate into opening.

Step 4

Snap down activator until it is flush with the base.

Step 5

Wait seven minutes.

Test Results

≤ 400 mg/dL IgG: color intensity of sample spot is lighter than the 400 mg/dL calibrator spot.

400–800 mg/dl IgG: color intensity of sample spot is darker than the 400 mg/dL calibrator spot but lighter than the 800 mg/dL calibrator spot.

≥ 800 mg/dL IgG: color intensity of sample spot is darker than the 800 mg/dL spot.

  SNAP Foal IgG Test Package Insert
To order, call 1-888-79-IDEXX (1-888-794-3399)

1. "Failure of Passive Transfer," by Edward L. Squires, Ph.D. The Horse, December 1997, p. 62.

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SNAP Foal IgG is available only through veterinarians. Always keep tests refrigerated.