Minimum DataBase: Complete Blood Count

Complete Blood Count

A Complete Blood Count is a highly sensitive test for identification of deviation from health. 

The Complete Blood Count is a highly objective test for characterization of progression or regression of a disease. It helps to monitor the impact of the treatment of a defined disease process—"Is my treatment working?"

The Minimum DataBase put into practice

One-year-old Collie Cross

Leishmania case study

  • Name: Bella
  • Age: 1 year
  • Breed: Collie cross
  • Gender: Female entire

See Bella's case study

Individualise patient care

As every patient is different, you may want to build on the Minimum DataBase to individualise your patient care.

For example, in Bella’s case, CRP, Leishmania serology and PCR and SNAP 4Dx were added to her Minimum DataBase in light of her in clinical signs (pyrexia with joint effusions) and travel history.

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