IDEXX on-site water testing

Fast, easy, and accurate culture tests for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila

Reduce waterborne pathogen risk with Pseudalert and Legiolert

IDEXX on-site tests give you:

  • Faster results
  • Greater confidence
  • More control
  • Lower costs

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Two on-site tests from a worldwide leader in water quality

Approved in 120 countries and certified to ISO-17025, IDEXX water quality tests for on-site detection deliver superior results, faster.

The Pseudalert Test for Pseudomonas aergunisoa

Confirmed results in only 24 hours

  • Accepted method of ISO Standard 16266-2:2018.
  • Easy and fast test formats.
  • 98% reproducibility for consistent trending data.
  • HTM 04-01 compliant.

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The Legiolert Test for Legionella pneumophila

Reduce health risk with superior accuracy

  • Equal or greater accuracy than standard methods. 
  • Simple to run and read results.
  • Culture results up to 7 days faster than spread-plate methods.

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Feedback from hospitals

We were able to carry out remedial works, retest, and return outlets into use within a much shorter timespan than previously.

Paul Balaam, Senior Estates Officer, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


We wanted to make sure (Pseudalert) was as reliable, results-wise, as a lab. We took back-to-back samples, one going to the lab and one staying with us and Pseudalert. The results were impressive.

Phil Mitchell, Environmental Estates Officer, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

These tests will afford us the opportunity to increase patient safety, reduce clinical downtime as well as reduce costs.

Neville Clark, Deputy Director Facilities and Estates, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Testing on-site is easy with IDEXX

Get laboratory-quality results on-site in 3 easy steps.

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IDEXX water quality tests protect billions of people globally.

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