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Pancreatic Health

Quickly and confidently assess pancreatic health in dogs and cats

Pancreatitis is a difficult disease to diagnose because history, physical examination and routine laboratory findings are often nonspecific.

The Spec cPL Test for dogs and the Spec fPL Test for cats measure the level of pancreas-specific lipase in the blood to help you make a confident diagnosis.

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Spec cPL Test


Canine pancreatitis is a potentially fatal disease that is difficult to diagnose. Presenting signs are common and nonspecific, including vomiting, anorexia and abdominal pain. The Spec cPL Test is a revolutionary test that allows you to quickly and confidently assess pancreatic health in dogs.

Spec fPL Test


Every cat presenting with vague, non-specific clinical signs could have pancreatitis. Because history, physical examination and routine laboratory findings are nonspecific, pancreatitis is often missed in cats. The Spec fPL Test is a simple blood test that detects the level of pancreas-specific lipase in the blood and provides information about the health of your patient's pancreas.

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