IDEXX inVue Dx Cellular Analyser

See cells like never before.

Diagnose and act on clinically important cell types in real time with a slide-free workflow.

Available in late 2024.

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A microscopic view of blood cells.
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The IDEXX inVue Dx Cellular Analyser's automated, real-time cytology and blood morphology provide results with reference laboratory-level accuracy, within 10 minutes. Its slide-free workflow ensures consistency and accuracy without the time-consuming process of making slides. Multidimensional interrogation of cells in their natural state combined with multiple wavelengths of light and fluorescence illuminate unique elements in each cell, providing more diagnostic insight than traditional slide methods.

Graphic of morphology cells.

Blood morphology

Automated morphologic assessment of critical parameters, including:

  • Platelets even in the prescence of clumps
  • Spherocytes
  • Red blood cell agglutination
  • Immature neutrophils

Integrated with haematology reports from ProCyte One and ProCyte Dx analysers.

Ear cytology cells.

Ear cytology

Semiquantitative results of both left and right ears in one run indicate detection of the following:

  • Rod-shaped bacteria
  • Cocci-shaped bacteria
  • White blood cells
  • Yeast
  • Mites

Provides recommended diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

Graphic of FNA cells.

Coming next – FNA: lumps and bumps*

Brings objective data to subjective 
interpretation – identify, measure, 
and quantify cells like never before.

Close up image of of the inVue Dx Cellular Analysis analyzer.

A growing menu

The IDEXX inVue Dx analyser is more than an analyser; it’s a diagnostic platform that will have 
an ever-expanding menu.


See this first-of-its-kind analyser in action.

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Built and trained by IDEXX pathologists.

The IDEXX inVue Dx Analyser uses deep AI learning models, trained by our global network of board-certified pathologists using tens of thousands of patient samples. This means you get objective results with quantitative diagnostic insights not possible by any other means, in real time.

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We’re taking the work out of workflow.

Load and go, go, go. No more slides. No more time-consuming prep. No more subjectivity or inconsistencies. Get results in minutes. Yes, minutes. Giving you more time to focus on your patients.

Blood morphology


Ear cytology

Blue icon of a clock.

Give valuable time back to your staff.

A slide-free, load-and-go workflow without the need to make and stain slides gives you and your staff time back. Time to move to the next task, take a breath, or see your next patient.


Speech bubble icon.

Easier to communicate results.

Communicate results and next steps with pet parents during the patient visit, enabling next steps while also giving everyone peace of mind.


Uploading to the cloud icon.

Automatically capture results, images, and charges.

Results and the composite image gallery are automatically captured in patient records and VetConnect PLUS, making it easy to access previous results for patient follow-up. And automatic charge capture ensures nothing is missed.

Small size.
Big impact.

Depth: 13.5 in (34.3 cm)

Height: 12.2 in (30.9 cm)

Width: 9.3 in (23.6 cm)

InVue Dx Cellular Analyzer.

A new member of your point-of-care team.

The IDEXX inVue Dx Analyser is designed and built to seamlessly connect with your IDEXX point-of-care analysers, IDEXX Reference Laboratories, and VetConnect PLUS. Helping your practice run more efficiently and helping you stay focused on your patients.

The IDEXX SediVue Dx analyzer.

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) functionality is planned as a future platform enhancement.

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