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The IDEXX RealPCR Modular Platform

Standardized. Streamlined. Efficient.

RealPCR platform with single components standardized to work together. Run multiple targets on a single plate and purchase individual components only when you need them.

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Standardized PCR work flow and reduced turnaround time with a single PCR programme for all DNA and RNA reagents

Streamlined PCR work flow and reduced errors with a shared master mix and a shared positive control to be used with all target mixes

Efficient ordering and reagent handling with single PCR components instead of kits

Eco-friendly real-time PCR

  • Electronical inserts easily accessible with a QR code
  • Lyophilized reagents to eliminate the need of dry-ice shipments
  • Reagents in small pouches to minimize packaging material


Challenges of traditional PCR

Purchasing individual test kits increases inventory and decreases flexibility in ordering.

DNA test kit 1 DNA test kit 2 RNA test kit1 RNA test kit 2



Running individual targets on separate plates increases time to results.


Running separate real-time PCR cycling programs increases the investment in real-time instruments.

Benefits of the modular RealPCR platform

Purchase individual components as needed.

Target mixes DNA/RNA
master mixes
Negative control Positive control



Run RNA and DNA targets side by side rather than on separate plates.


Use a single cycling protocol ( <70 minutes) for all reactions and analyze results at the same time.

Target Mixes

Quality Control

Pooled positive control includes all RealPCR targets

Internal control included in all target mixes, many of which include a host and nucleic acid specific internal sample control for complete control of the PCR workflow

Laboratory monitoring tools and guidelines available to check for laboratory contaminations

Standardized Workflow

RealPCR Extraction Kits for spin column and magnetic bead based extraction of both DNA and RNA from a wide range of sample types

RealPCR modular reagents for maximum flexibility and standardization in work flow

Mic qPCR instrument

  • Small-sized 4-channel qPCR instrument for 48 samples
  • Easily scalable for larger sample volumes by connecting multiple instruments to one computer
  • Validated on all IDEXX RealPCR reagents
  • Minimum installation and service requirements
  • Complete thermal uniformity due to circular platform and magnetic induction
  • No reference dyes, calibration, or cross-talk compensation

Resources & References


Technical Manual

Information Sheet

For validation reports or to learn more, please contact us.

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The IDEXX Reference Laboratories worldwide has been using a modular RealPCR platform since 2007. The laboratory is currently running approximately  200 different targets on one single platform and one PCR cycling program for both DNA and RNA targets.

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