ELISA Technology

IDEXX Laboratories manufactures diagnostic test kits for the detection of diseases in ruminants, equine, swine, cervids and poultry. The ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is one of the most sensitive and reproducible diagnostic technologies available. These assays are rapid, simple to perform and easily automated. IDEXX introduced the first commercial poultry ELISA for infectious bursal disease (IBD) in 1985 and the first commercial livestock ELISA for Aujeszky's disease/pseudorabies in 1986, enhancing the way laboratories test production animals today.

As with any assay, the reproducibility and reliability of ELISAs are dependent upon proper technique and attention to detail. The ELISA Technical Guide (PDF) will increase your awareness of ELISA techniques and help you maintain proficiency with this methodology.

Please check your package insert for specific instructions for each assay you perform. Periodically, improvements and revisions are made to the kit and package insert. Therefore, it is important to review the protocol on a regular basis.

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