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Veterinarians, producers and customers from milk recording laboratories share their impressions about the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test and how it’s helping their business.*

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Our producer clients are really seeing the benefits of getting a pregnancy test milk sample in the parlor without the extra efforts of having to lock up or sort cows. The process is efficient and eliminates potential delays in breeding programs, which saves valuable time.
Bruce W. Hoffman, DVM President, Animal Profiling International, Inc.

Testing milk samples for pregnancy during our DHI test is a lot easier, and it's on my schedule every month.
Mark Bontekoe, Touchdown Dairy, LLC

We use this test along with having the vet do herd health checks to ultrasound for pregnancies, check for cysts and also to check for other reproductive issues. We use the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test to follow up and recheck pregnancies.
Dale and Lisa Middendorf, DLM Acres Dairy Farm, Registered Holsteins

The milk pregnancy assay adds value to routine milk analysis with flexible, convenient and cost-effective implementation on DHI testing, or can be submitted directly by producers any time.
Dr. Todd Byrem, Director, Antel BioSystems—NorthStar Cooperative DHI

We've been using the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test for about a year. We use it as part of our monthly DHIA testing, for our recheck cows that are 140–170 days bred. We like the test because it allows us to eliminate one stress factor on the cows—they don't even know we are collecting a milk sample. It also saves us time, with one less group to put into the palpation rail. Our vet was all for us using it on rechecks, as it really simplifies things for both of us.
Rick Roden, Rob-n-Cin Farms

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