Pet Owner Information

If you are a pet-owner visiting this site please contact your veterinarian for questions or concerns with regards to your pets care.
If you are a breeder please be aware that from 6th June 2022 onwards, all progesterone tests (also known as premate tests) must be submitted under a veterinary practice account. We will no longer be accepting direct submissions at our laboratories from members of the public. This decision has been made due to the scrutiny on dog breeding and the increase in non-veterinary fertility clinics setting up, which has raised questions on the legality of blood sampling of dogs. Taking a blood sample from a dog, or any animal, is considered to be an act of veterinary surgery and should only be undertaken by a veterinary surgeon or someone under their supervision. There will be no change to the quality of service and support you receive from IDEXX, only that submissions must now come to us directly from a veterinary practice.