Minimum DataBase

The Minimum DataBase put into practice

Do you have an interesting case you would like us to feature here and in the Diagnostic Newsletter?

Submit your case to Please include the following as a minimum:

  • Patient details, reason for presenting in practice, anamnesis and physical examination.
  • Diagnostic work-up. As a minimum requirement, the patient must have had a Minimum DataBase run. 

Case study - Lacy


Name: Lacy
Age: 1.5 year
Breed: Boxer
Gender: FN

Find out how urinalysis as part of a Minimum DataBase played a key role in obtaining a clear diagnosis in a patient with vague presenting signs.

Case study - Caesar


Name: Caesar
Age: 1 year
Breed: Great Dane
Gender: Male

Find out how running a Minimum DataBase including a Complete Blood Count, Complete Urinalysis, and Complete Chemistry Panel helped uncover Addison's disease in Caesar.