Minimum DataBase

The Minimum DataBase put into practice

Do you have an interesting case you would like us to feature here and in the Diagnostic Newsletter?

Submit your case to [email protected]. Please include the following as a minimum:

  • Patient details, reason for presenting in practice, anamnesis and physical examination.
  • Diagnostic work-up. As a minimum requirement, the patient must have had a Minimum DataBase run.¬†

Case study - Lacy


Name: Lacy
Age: 1.5 year
Breed: Boxer
Gender: FN

Find out how urinalysis as part of a Minimum DataBase played a key role in obtaining a clear diagnosis in a patient with vague presenting signs.

Case study - Caesar


Name: Caesar
Age: 1 year
Breed: Great Dane
Gender: Male

Find out how running a Minimum DataBase including a Complete Blood Count, Complete Urinalysis, and Complete Chemistry Panel helped uncover Addison's disease in Caesar.