Proforma invoice form for exporting diagnostic samples to the UK

To ship to IDEXX from outside of the UK, all shipments must be accompanied by a proforma invoice.

Please complete the below form to generate a proforma invoice. The details need to cover all of the samples in the package you are sending. One proforma invoice is required per shipment.

Once all fields have been completed, click "Submit" to generate 3 copies of the proforma invoice:
  • 1 to be placed inside the package with your samples—this copy is to ensure IDEXX have a copy on the arrival of the sample, ensuring there are no delays in processing the samples
  • 1 to be attached to the outside of the package—this is to make sure throughout the shipping process a copy is accessible to the courier
  • 1 to be handed to the courier driver collecting the samples—this is to ensure smooth transit through customs when it arrives at the courier hub
If you have any questions on how to complete the form or why it is necessary,
please contact the UK Transportation Team.

+44 (0) 203 7887 508