Tecta B16 analyzer on lab counter.

IDEXX Tecta System

Complete, self-contained water testing system

  • Full automation of incubation and test interpretation eliminates the need for a visual read of the test
  • Results automatically sent by email
  • Positive results within hours
  • No sample preparation, easy-to-use system
  • Quantification and presence/absence modes
  • High dynamic counting range so there is no need for multiple dilutions
  • AOAC certified, U.S EPA-approved for the detection of E. coli and total coliforms in drinking water*

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Tecta B16 and Tecta B4 instruments

Tecta B16 instrument.

Tecta B16

Tecta B4 instrument.

Tecta B4

  • The Tecta B16 instrument has 16 incubation chambers and the Tecta B4 instrument has 4 incubation chambers, allowing you to choose the best system for your volume needs.
  • Test cartridges are available for detecting E. coli and total coliforms, E. coli only, faecal coliforms, and Enterococcus.
  • Cartridges are read continuously, and an email alert is sent automatically when a positive result is detected.
  • Positive results in as little as 2 hours, depending on level of contamination; negative results confirmed in 18 or 24 hours, depending on test type.

Tectalert test cartridges

Tecta total coliform/E.coli cartridge.
E. coli and total coliforms
Tectalert E. coli cartridge.
E. coli
Tectalert fecal coliforms cartridge.
Faecal coliforms
Tectalert enterococcus cartridge.
Typical detection times
Tectalert EC/TC (CCA)
E. coli and total coliforms
Tectalert EC (ECA)
E. coli
Tectalert FC (FCA)
Faecal coliforms
Tectalert ENT (ENA)

< 1 CFU/100 mL

within 18 hours

within 16 hours

within 18 hours

within 24 hours

100 CFU/100 mL

within 12 hours

within 9 hours

within 10 hours

within 12 hours

1,000 CFU/100 mL

within 11 hours

within 8 hours

within 9 hours

within 10 hours

10⁶ CFU/100 mL

within 7 hours

within 4 hours

within 5 hours

within 4 hours

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How it works

Easy workflow with fully automated water microbiology testing
Tecta E. coli and total coliform cartridges.

Step 1. Pour 100 mL sample into testing cartridge.

Tecta B16 instrument open with 3 test cartridges.

Step 2. Place cartridge in instrument and use control panel to start test.

Person in high-vis gear holding phone.

Step 3. Results sent via email as soon as 2 hours for positive results.

Frequently asked questions

The Tecta B16 instrument can run 16 simultaneous tests in standard mode, while the Tecta B4 instrument can run 4 simultaneous tests in standard mode.

It is recommended that samples be inserted into the Tecta instrument within one hour of being added to the test cartridge. Some longer hold times may apply in certain circumstances—contact IDEXX to learn more.

Yes, you can add or remove test cartridges while other tests are running.

The Tectalert EC/TC test has a limit of detection of 1 CFU/100 mL for E. coli and 1 CFU/100 mL total coliforms in drinking water. 

The Tectalert test cartridges have a shelf life of 15 months from the date of manufacture. Recommended storage conditions are 5°C–30°C and less than 60% humidity.

Periodic chamber verification is required and can easily be completed by trained personnel using the supplied validation cartridge. The frequency of when the validation cartridge should be used varies depending on the level of use of the instrument. Cleaning of the optical windows is recommended after use for optimal performance. Please refer to the instruction manual for additional details.

Resources & tools


IDEXX Water has reference materials and approval documents to support the many products in our water portfolio. Find the document(s) you need by selecting the link below.

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Agreement for Optional Tecta Service Plans

Product information

E. coli/total coliforms

Tectalert EC/TC (CCA) (48-test pack)
Product number: 98-0018012-00
Catalogue number: TECTA-CCA-48

Tectalert EC/TC (CCA) (192-test pack)
Product number: 99-0018158
Catalogue number: TECTA-CCA-192

E. coli

Tectalert EC (ECA) (48-test pack)
Product number: 98-0018013-00
Catalogue number: TECTA-ECA-48

Tectalert EC (ECA) (192-test pack)
Product number: 99-0018159
Catalogue number: TECTA-ECA-192


Tectalert ENT (ENA) (48-test pack)
Product number: 98-0018015-00
Catalogue number: TECTA-ENA-48

Tectalert ENT (ENA) (192-test pack)
Product number: 99-0018161
Catalogue number: TECTA-ENA-192

Faecal coliforms

Tectalert FC (FCA) (48-test pack)
Product number: 98-0018014-00
Catalogue number: TECTA-FCA-48

Tectalert FC (FCA) (192-test pack)
Product number: 99-0018160
Catalogue number: TECTA-FCA-192


Tecta Validation Cartridge (VC)
Product number: 98-0018016-00
Catalogue number: TECTA-PDS-VALC40708

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ISO certifications

Locations and ISO certificates

*Tectalert EC/TC medium and Tecta instruments are U.S. EPA approved at 40 CFR Part 141, listed as a method in Presence/Absence Method for the Simultaneous Detection of Total Coliforms and Escherichia coli (E. coliin Drinking Water. AOAC Performance Tested Certification for Tecta Combined E. coli and Total Coliform Test, Certificate No. 010801.