EasyDisc DEV Test packaging.

EasyDisc DEV Test

Heterotrophic plate counts in 44 hours

  • No equipment, autoclaving, or agar preparation
  • Results in 44 hours when incubated at 20°C or 36°C
  • Easy-to-count blue colonies, designed to correlate with TrinkwV, §15(1c)1

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Gloved hand demonstrating how to use the IDEXX EasyDisc platform.

Easy-to-use platform reduces waste and improves workflow

  • 18-month shelf life eliminates waste and improves workflow
  • 1-minute hands-on time
  • Reduced QC
  • Available in 25-count and 100-count configurations

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Easy to run

Step 1 of IDEXX EasyDisc process

Step 1. Remove lid and add 1 mL sample to the EasyDisc DEV plate.

Step 2 of IDEXX EasyDisc process

Step 2. Gently swirl the plate to distribute the liquid, replace the lid, and incubate at room temperature for 20 minutes.

Step 3 of IDEXX EasyDisc process.

Step 3. Continue incubating at 20±2°C or 36±1°C for 44±4 hours. Inoculate at least one plate for incubation at each temperature.

Step 4 of IDEXX EasyDisc process.

Step 4. Count all colonies. Use 3–8x magnification to facilitate examination.

Frequently asked questions

The shelf life is up to 18 months from date of manufacture.

Yes, the base and lid are both sterilized. There are 25 plates per plastic sleeve. Any unused plates should remain in the bag, and the bag should be closed. Do not leave any unused plates exposed to the environment.

The clear bottom portion of the plate is made of polystyrene #6 and is recyclable. The white cover/lid is made of low-density polyethylene #4 and is also recyclable.

Water samples are incubated at 20±2°C or 36±1°C for 44±4 hours.

Check with your local, state, and/or federal authorities for proper disposal of bacteriological biohazard materials at your facility.

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Product information

EasyDisc DEV Test (25-test pack)
Product number: 98-0016604-00
Catalogue number: WDEV25

EasyDisc DEV Test (100-test pack)
Product number: 98-0016605-00
Catalogue number: WDEV100

Product Number: 98-29006-01
Catalogue Number: WQC-HPC


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ISO certifications

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†Heterotrophic plate count (HPC) is also referred to as total plate count (TPC) or total viable count (TVC) in some regions.


1. German Drinking Water Directive (TrinkwV), §15(1c).