IDEXX Reference Laboratories

Advantage Programme

How often can you really get more for less?


When you need to go beyond accuracy, when you need expertise and insight, or when you just need more than what results alone can offer, choose IDEXX Reference Laboratories.


Our Reference laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing are designed to complement each other in their medical utility. Now, with the Advantage Programme, anytime you use an IDEXX VetLab analyser or IDEXX SNAP test, you save 15% on a follow-up test at the IDEXX Reference Laboratory.


Patient In-house Results IDEXX Reference Lab Follow Up IDEXX Advantage Savings
2-year-old vomiting dog SNAP cPL: positive for pancreatitis Spec cPL standalone for quantification Save 15% on lab list price
10-year-old, overweight and lethargic dog VetTest/LaserCyte/SNAP Reader: Elevated cholesterol, low HCT with a few reticulocytes low Total T4 TSH Stimulation Test Save 15% on lab list price
8-year-old “fading” cat SNAP FeLV/FIV: negative Under-the-weather Profile (includes Spec fPL™) Save 15% on lab list price
8-year-old lethargic dog VetTest: elevated liver enzymes Bile Acid Stimulation Test Save 15% on lab list price
12-year-old collapsed dog LaserCyte: Blood film review advised Blood Film Examination Save 15% on lab list price

Participation is easy

Once you have an account with IDEXX Laboratories, simply:

  1. Run a test on any IDEXX VetLab analyser or IDEXX SNAP test.
  2. If the results indicate that you require quantitative, or further follow-up testing, look for eligible tests
    marked with a plus sign  in the IDEXX Laboratories Directory of Services or on the lab request form.
  3. Tick the ‘IDEXX Advantage’ box on the top of the lab request form.
  4. Include a copy of your IDEXX in-house printed report or the used SNAP device with your sample submission.
  5. Submit to our lab and save a further 15%!

For more information, please call 0203 7887 508.