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Features that give you more time to care for your practice

Client management

Incredible client management features provide access to the information you need.

Resource management

All the tools to manage your resources from staff scheduling to appointments


Client communication

A complete communications toolbox for staying in touch with your customers.
IDEXX Animana automated reminders on phone

Automated reminders

Make sure your patients never miss the care they deserve.

Reminders can be triggered by a product or service added to an invoice, or they can be added ad hoc to a patient’s record. Generate automated emails and text messages that you can set and forget.

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Voice over IP support

Make and receive calls over the Internet.

Animana VoIP support is compatible with your external VoIP provider, allowing outgoing call support and incoming client look-up with supported providers. Typically, this offers better call quality and is less expensive than conventional calls.

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IDEXX Animana VoIP on desktop
IDEXX Animana client portal on tablet and phone

Client Portal

Your go-to portal for both you and your customers

Your livestock customers get a live view of herd information pulled directly from the patient file. Administered medication, vaccination reminders, logbooks, and invoices are shown in the portal—especially useful for herd record maintenance.

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Skip the paperwork in the patient file with a built-in electronic insurance claim tool.

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IDEXX Animana online appointments on phone

Online appointment booking

Your clients book their appointments themselves during their free time, and save valuable receptionist time.

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Content Designer

Your customers get the message with engaging content created with the minimum of fuss.

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Training and consultancy services that support your day-to-day work


Changing software is a great opportunity to review your working practices to maximise the new technology you are implementing. Visit our knowledge base.

Training modules

Each module in our training programme is designed to help sharpen the skills you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

Seamless integrations that let you do more in less time

IDEXX Animana displaying in-clinic laboratory integration on desktop

In-clinic laboratory integration

  • Increases staff efficiency by automating and eliminating manual steps
  • Virtually eliminates errors associated with manual entry
  • Improves clinical decisions through complete patient reports and direct access to historical views and trending within VetConnect PLUS.

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IDEXX Reference Laboratories integration with IDEXX Animana displayed on desktop

IDEXX Reference Laboratories integration

  • Have your diagnostic order and result information flow seamlessly.
  • Order your lab tests directly from the patient’s file—via the VetConnect Plus ordering module—and lab results are attached automatically to your patient medical records.

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Why practices choose Animana
  • Integrates seamlessly with your diagnostic machines, IDEXX Reference Lab, X-rays and files 
  • Enables you to create tailored custom protocols for your clinical processes
  • Provides automatic software updates and excellent customer support

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