IDEXX SDMA testing

5-step implementation guide

Follow these steps to get your practice set up to use your new IDEXX protocol.

Gain staff alignment and awareness

  • Assign roles and responsibilities for implementation
  • Determine and prioritize needs (supplies, processes, etc.) to support the new protocol
  • Determine how often you’ll run the new protocol

Pricing and launch date

  • Establish pricing for the new protocol
  • Add the protocol and pricing to your billing systems
  • Set a launch date for offering the protocol to clients

Practice goals

  • Designate a team champion
  • Set team goals for how often you’ll be running the new protocol
  • Provide team incentives for launching the protocol on time and running it frequently 

Update systems

  • Add the new protocol to your PIMS
  • Include the new protocol on your rounds sheets
  • Include the protocol in any other systems your staff use to manage client visits

Train staff

  • Create a training checklist
  • Set up check-ins at regular intervals
  • Share the self-service staff training resources available on